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Bearded Iris   arrow

Iris germanica

Bearded Iris
Scientific NameIris germanica
Common NameBearded Iris
HabitHerbaceous Perennial Flower
Growth FormGrowing on creeping Rhizomes
Mature SizeHeight: 33″ Width: 15-18″
FlowersFlowers are fan-shaped with 3 drooping petals called falls and 3 upright petals called standards. Beard is a fuzzy appendage on the lower petals (i.e. the Falls petals)
HardinessZones 4-9
Sun RequirementsFull Sun to Part Shade
Water RequirementsEstablished Iris are drought resistant. New Iris need 1″ water weekly.
Soil RequirementsWell amended, well drained garden loam soil
Other InfoIn autumn, remove dead foliage and cut healthy foliage to 4-5″. After ground freezes, 1″ mulch helps prevent soil heave. In spring, remove mulch. Feed with a thin layer of compost to ensure rhizomes are still visible. Attracts pollinators.
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