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Blind Prickly Pear   arrow

Opuntia rufida

Blind Prickly Pear
Scientific NameOpuntia rufida
Common NameBlind Prickly Pear
HabitLarge clumps
Growth FormLarge upright clump, with hundreds of grey/green, 6″ long pads branching from a low central stem
Mature Size8 inches to 5 feet, width to 6 feet
FlowersPale yellow, changing to orange with age, with red centers and green stigmas. Blooms in Spring
HardinessZone 8
Sun RequirementsFull Sun. Very high heat tolerance.
Water RequirementsXeric
Soil RequirementsNeutral alkaline. Sand or gravel flats and hillsides. Grows on limestone.
Other InfoSo named because its glochids (barbed hairs or bristles) can dislodge and fly in to the air when bumped or shakend. They get into cattles’ eyes and cause blindness. Native to the Big Bend region of Texas and adjacent to Mexico.

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