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Scientific NameSolidago
Common NameGoldenrod
FamilyAstericaceae, Aster (Daisy Family)
HabitHerbaceous perennial wildflower
Growth FormModerate growth rate. Single-stemmed or somewhat branched near the top of the plant. Stems are hairy below flower branches. Serrated, 5″ long willow-like leaves.
Mature SizeHeight: 2′-6′ Depending on species.: Width: 2′-3′ Depending on species.
FlowersYellow flowers arranged in triangular panicles. Bloom Time: August to November.
HardinessZones 3-6 to 8
Sun RequirementsFull Sun to Part Shade
Water RequirementsDrought tolerant
Soil RequirementsWell Drained
Other InfoNative to North America
Undemanding and easy to grow
Meadow and natural gardens, borders, cut flower
Attracts bee and butterflies
Deer resistant
Additional PhotosGoldenrod