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Ribes uva-crispa

Scientific NameRibes uva-crispa
Common NameGooseberry (aka European Gooseberry)
HabitPerennial Shrub
Growth FormLeaves are deeply notched with 3-5 lobes. Branches are covered with sharp spines.
Mature Size 
FlowersBell-shaped, producing singly or in pairs. Fruit is small but edible, usually green. The fruits of the European cultivars are larger and better flavored. Gooseberries are picked as individual fruit and come off easily when they are ripe. Berries do not drop immediately upon ripening, so they usually can be harvested in one or two pickings.
HardinessZones 3-9
Sun RequirementsProtect from direct sun, tolerate partial shade. Prefer cool, moist growing area.
Water RequirementsMoist, well drained soil.
Soil RequirementsRich, well drained soils that have a high moisture holding capacity are best. Incorporate organic matter (compost, peat, or manure) to improve soil. Ideal pH is about 6.5. Avoid sites with poor air circulation.
Other InfoNative to Europe and Asia
Additional PhotosGooseberry