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Hummingbird Trumpet Mint   arrow

Monardella Macrantha ‘Marian Sampson’

Hummingbird Trumpet Mint
Scientific NameMonardella Macrantha ‘Marian Sampson’
Common NameHummingbird Trumpet Mint
FamilyLamiaceae (Mint Family)
Growth FormProstrate
Mature Size4-6” High, 8-12” Wide
FlowersLate Spring to Summer, Bright Red
HardinessZones 5b-9
Sun RequirementsPartial Sun
Water RequirementsModerate To Dry
Soil RequirementsClay, Loam Or Sandy Soil
Other InfoAttracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies, Fragrant Flowers,
Also Called Hummingbird Coyote Mint
Additional PhotosHummingbird Trumpet Mint