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Lavandula angustifolia

Scientific NameLavandula angustifolia
Common NameLavender
HabitHerbaceous Perennial Flower, Herb, Shrub
Growth FormShrubby perennial, Evergreen – Semi-evergreen.
Fine grey-green foliage that can be pruned into an informal hedge.
Upright, loose and formless.
Mature SizeSize: Height: 1-3′ Width: 2-4′
FlowersViolet or sometimes pinkish. Bloom Time: May to October.
Flowers borne above foliage in leafless terminal spikes.
HardinessZones 5-9
Sun RequirementsFull Sun. Does not grow well in even partial shade.
Water RequirementsModerate to Xeric
Soil RequirementsWell drained clay, loam, or sandy soil.
Requires well-drained, light soil and grows best in an alkaline soil with a pH of 6.4 to 8.2.
Once established, the plants are drought-tolerant.
Other InfoDeer resistant, non-aggressive, non-invasive, fragrant (strongly aromatic).
Cut flowers, dried flowers.
Bee friendly, attracts butterflies.
Rock gardens, perennial border, herb garden.
Additional PhotosLavender