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Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’

Powis Castle
Scientific NameArtemesia ‘Powis Castle’
Common NamePowis Castle Silver Sage
HabitOrnamental Sage, woody based perennial
Growth FormDissected silver-gray fine foliage. Shape: Cushion, mound or clump.
Mature SizeHeight: 30″ Width: 36″
FlowersSilver yellow.
Almost never flowers, thus maintains its neat appearance with no extra effort.
HardinessZones 4-9
Sun RequirementsFull Sun
Water RequirementsDrought Resistant / Waterwise
Soil RequirementsLow fertility soil, Well-Drained soil.
Other InfoPerfect companion plant to use with other flowering perennials
and ornamental grasses to bring out interesting contrasts of leaf
color and texture. Prune back to 6″ tall in mid-spring to reinvigorate.
Non-Aggressive, Non-invasive. Not Native to North America.
Additional PhotosPowis Castle