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Purple Prickly Pear   arrow

Opuntia macrocentra

Purple Prickly Pear
Scientific NameOpuntia macrocentra
Common NamePurple Prickly Pear
HabitSmall Shrub, evergreen
Growth FormShrubby with upright branches composed of thin bluish joints or pads,
always tinged reddish-purple by beta cyanin pigments.
Bear brown to black round spines (1/8 to 1/4 inch long).
Mature SizeHeight: 1.5 to 3′: Width: 2 to 3′
FlowersYellow with bright red centers, and purple to red, edible spineless fruit.
Bloom Period: spring-summer.
Sun RequirementsFull Sun
Water RequirementsLow water usage
Soil RequirementsNeutral alkaline. Well drained desert slopes and rocky or
sandy flats at 2000 to 5000 feet of elevation.
Other InfoVery high heat tolerance. Native to North America.
Additional PhotosPurple Prickly Pear