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Chrysothamnus nauseous var. nauseous Synonyms: Ericameria nauseosa

Rabbit Brush
Scientific NameChrysothamnus nauseous var. nauseous Synonyms: Ericameria nauseosa
Common NameRabbit Brush (Grey Rabbitbrush, Rubber Rabbitbrush, Chamisa)
HabitEvergreen Shrub (deciduous in colder zones)
Growth FormErect, slender stems. Twigs grayish to yellow.
Leaves alternate, simple, linear, often greyish-green, woolly.
Mature SizeHeight: 7′
FlowersGolden-yellow, pungent-smelling. Blooming Season: July-October
HardinessZones 3
Sun RequirementsFull Sun
Water RequirementsDrought resistant, has a deep taproot and little to no supplemental water required.
If watered in the landscape, the plant can become rank, floppy and unattractive.
Soil RequirementsLoamy, sandy, gravelly or heavy clay soils that are slightly acidic, slight to strongly basic, or saline.
Other InfoNative to Oregon. When twigs are cut they exude a milky latex that contains chrysil, a high grade rubber which vulcanizes easily. Best with no maintenance except yearly shearing. nauseosus: disagreeable flavor or odor.
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