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Red Feathers   arrow

Echium amoenum

Red Feathers
Scientific NameEchium amoenum
Common NameRed Feathers
HabitPerennial – Short lived.
Growth FormBasal rosette of dark green leaves.
Plants produce spikes of feather, sunset-red flowers
in late Spring but often blooms again in summer.
Mature SizeHeight: 12-16″ Width: 6-10″
FlowersRusset-Red. Straight flower spikes. Bloom Time: Late spring to mid-summer.
HardinessZones 3-9
Sun RequirementsFull Sun or Part Shade
Water RequirementsModerate to xeric (Little to no irrigation needed once established.
Soil RequirementsSandy soil, Clay Soil, or Loam
Other InfoBee Friendly, Ornamental.
Additional PhotosRed Feathers