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Helianthemum nummularim ‘Wisley Pink’

Rock Rose
Scientific NameHelianthemum nummularim ‘Wisley Pink’
Common NameRock Rose
FamilyCistaceae (Rock Rose)
HabitSpreading, low subshrub
Growth FormModerate fast growth rate. Foliage: Generally evergreen or semi-evergreen,
semi-woody stems; oblong to linear, variously green including silver or gray-green.
Mature SizeHeight: 8-16″ Width: 12-24″
FlowersPale pink, orange inner. Raceme-like (racemose) cymes with 4-12 flowers,
saucer-shaped, with 5 petals resembling roses, hence the name.
Bloom Time: late spring to early summer, May-June.
HardinessZones 5-8 Requires excellent drainage and winter protection to survive in Zone 5.
Sun RequirementsSun North, part shade South
Water RequirementsLow to moderate amounts and frequency.
Soil RequirementsWell drained to sandy or rocky, neutral to alkaline preferred, moderately fertile
Other InfoNon-Aggressive,
Not native to North America,
Native to the Mediterranean.
Rock gardens and Xeriscapes.
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