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Sea Lavender   arrow

Limonium latifolium

Sea Lavender
Scientific NameLimonium latifolium
Common NameSea Lavender
HabitPerennials. Shape: Cushion, mound, or clump.
Semi-evergreen to evergreen.
Growth FormWide attractive leaves and flowers produced in upright,
many branched panicles. Foliage color is dark green with a medium texture.
Mature SizeHeight: 36″ Width: 18″
FlowersBlue/violet/pink. Blooms mid-late summer.
Tiny flowers borne in masses on tough, wiry stems that rise above the foliage.
HardinessZones 3-9
Sun RequirementsFull Sun, shade from hot afternoon sun in very hot climates.
Water Requirements 
Soil RequirementsWell drained, slightly acidic soil. Tolerates salt.
Other InfoDevelops a long taproot.
Do not disturb established plantings.
Deer resistant, non-aggressive, non-invasive.
Non-native to North America. Native to Europe.
Good for Cut and Dried flowers.
Additional PhotosSea Lavender