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Antirrhinum majus

Scientific NameAntirrhinum majus
Common NameSnapdragon
HabitHerbaceous; Annual
Growth FormA short-lived perennial grown as an annual.
Loose and open growth habit, unless pinched to be compact a
nd staked for regular cutting of straight upright spikes.
Foliage color is dark green with medium texture.
Mature SizeHeight: 1′ to 3.5′ Width: 1′ to 1.5′
FlowersRed/orange/yellow/violet/white/pink. S
ingle colored or bi-colored,some with mottled coloration.
Bloom time: Mid-Late Summer, Early-mid Fall.
HardinessAll Zones. Can be overwintered with protection in Zone 5 to 7.
Tolerates frost and grow best in cool weather.
Sun RequirementsPart shade/Part Sun
Water RequirementsRegular watering (1″ per week).
Allow soil to become relatively dry between each watering bur avoid wilting.
Soil RequirementsRequires well drained soil.
Prefers light soil, high in organic matter.
Other InfoDeer resistant,
non-aggressive, non-invasive,
not native to North America, native to Mediterranean.
Good Cut Flowers especially the Rocket Series.
Additional PhotosSnapdragon