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Texas Red Star Standing Cypress   arrow

Ipomopsis rubra

Scientific NameIpomopsis rubra
Common NameTexas Red star Standing Cypress
(Red Gilia, Texas Plume, Indian Plume)
HabitBiennial grown as a half hardy annual.
Growth FormPinnately divided leaves with numerous linear to thread-like bristle-tipped segments.
Mature SizeHeight: 2-5′ Width: 6-9″
FlowersScarlet outside, yellow with red dots inside.
1″ red, tubular flowers in a long, slender, branching cluster on a leafy stem.
Sun RequirementsFull sun to partial shade.
Water RequirementsDrought tolerant once it becomes established.
Soil RequirementsVery dry, well-drained soil
Other InfoAttracts hummingbirds and butterflies.