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Winecups   arrow

Callirhoe involucrata

Scientific NameCallirhoe involucrata
Common NameWinecups
FamilyMalvaceae (Mallow Family)
HabitPerennial Groundcover
Growth FormA sprawling grower, it’s long branches spread out across the ground to create a colorful mat of flowers and foliage.
Mature SizeHeight: 8-12″ Width: 48-60″
FlowersPink, Wine-red. Bloom Time: April to hard frost.
HardinessZones 3-9
Sun RequirementsFull to Partial Sun
Water RequirementsModerate to Xeric
Soil RequirementsWell Drained. Clay, Loam, or sandy soil.
Other InfoNative to North America. Good for Pollination. Annual Maintenance: Cut back/shear to base every spring. Tips: Less water and some pinching back will help this plant stay more compact and not spread so wide. It does self-seed so remove any seedlings while they are young, before the roots get a good foothold.
Additional PhotosWinecups